The media library consists of books and DVD’s that are made available for our church community to help you, grow you and for good wholesome teaching!

The book library consists of both non fiction and fiction books. All DVD’s can be taken out for a maximum of 30 days, unless it is being used for a bible study and a longer period is needed.

The DVD’s are listed numerically in the table below:

No. Title Author
1 Genesis 1 David Pawson
2 Genesis 2 David Pawson
3 Genesis 3 David Pawson
4 Exodus David Pawson
5 Leviticus David Pawson
6 Numbers David Pawson
7 Deuteronomy David Pawson
8 Joshua David Pawson
9 Judges & Ruth David Pawson
10 1 & 2 Samuel David Pawson
11 Poetry & Psalms David Pawson
12 Job David Pawson
13 1 & 2 Kings David Pawson
14 Proverbs David Pawson
15 Solomon & Ecclesiastes David Pawson
16 Joel & Obadiah David Pawson
17 Jonah & Nahum David Pawson
18 Amos & Hosea David Pawson
19 Micah & Isaiah David Pawson
20 Zephaniah & Habakuk David Pawson
21 Jeremiah & Lamentations David Pawson
22 Ezekiel David Pawson
23 Daniel & Esther David Pawson
24 Ezra, Nehemiah, Chronicles David Pawson
25 Haggai & Zecharia 1 David Pawson
26 Haggai & Zecharia 2 David Pawson
27 Malachi & OT David Pawson
28 Matthew David Pawson
29 Mark & Luke David Pawson
30 John David Pawson
31 Acts David Pawson
32 Paul & His Letters David Pawson
33 1 & 2 Thessalonians David Pawson
34 1 & 2 Corinthians David Pawson
35 Galations David Pawson
36 Romans David Pawson
37 Colossians & Ephesians David Pawson
38 Philippians & Philemon David Pawson
39 Timothy & Titus David Pawson
40 Hebrews David Pawson
41 James David Pawson
42 1 & 2 Peter David Pawson
43 Letters of John, Jude David Pawson
44 Revelation 1 David Pawson
45 Revelation 2 David Pawson
46 Men For God David Pawson
47 The Final Facts David Pawson
48 Vintage Jesus Mark Driscoll
49 The Bondage Breaker Neil T Anderson
50 Freedom in Christ (small Gp Bible study) Neil T Anderson
51 The Uniqueness of Christ David Pawson
52 Canvas Andy Stanley & Louis Giglio
53 Six Ways to Detect Unforgiveness Joyce Meyer
54 The Divine Exchange Joyce Meyer
55 Pilgrim’s Progress – Journey to Heaven John Bunyan
56 Rise Above Unfair Treatment John Bevere
57 Loosed to Love- Walk right into it Rita Twiggs
58 A life changed Pierre Spies
59 Close Encounters of the God Kind Jeese Duplantis
60 Grace Joseph Prince
61 See the Fathers Love for You Joseph Prince
62 Condemnation Kills Joseph Prince
63 A Message from God Retha & Aldo McPherson
64 Fireproof Movie
65 Holy Spirit Frances Chan
66 Joy Frances Chan
67 Intercessory Prayer Dutch Sheets
68 Complaining, fault finding and grumbling Joyce Meyer
69 The Big Picture God Louie Giglio
70 Passport Louie Giglio
71 Luke Warm Francis Chan
72 It came from Within Andy Stanley
73 Be careful what you say Joyce Meyer
74 The Man Behind the Ministry Derek Prince
75 Seek My Face Claudette Copeland
76 The Way of the Master Kirk Cameron Ray Comfort
77 Faith Hope and Luck Andy Stanley
78 The Passion of Christ Movie
79 The Reality of Heaven and Hell Kenneth Haigan
80 Rhema Bible Church Brain Houston
81 Battlefield of the Mind 1 Joyce Meyer
82 What’s gonna Happen with your Dream Paula White
83 Faith Like Potatoes Angus Buchan
84 The Essentials of Worship Jack Hayford
85 True & False Conversion Ray Comfort
86 Hope – When life hurts the most Louie Giglio
87 Indescribable Louie Giglio
88 How Great is Our God Louie Giglio
89 Alive Louie Giglio
90 My Really Bad Date Louie Giglio
91 2 Words that changed Everything (In Christ) Louie Giglio
92 Heroes Andy Stanley
93 Judgment Call Andy Stanley
94 Bringing home the prodigals Rob Parsons
95 The steps to Freedom in Christ Neil T Anderson
96 Every Young man’s battle Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker
97 Masquerade Milton Creagh
98 Full Flame Reinhard Bonnke
99 Love, sex & lasting relationships Chip Ingram
100 Discipleship Counselling Neil T Anderson
101 Taming the Tiger Tony Anthony
102 A womans heart Beth Moore
103 Mighty Men’s Conference 2008 Angus Buchan
104 The Miracle of Life Change Chip Ingram
105 Bringing up boys Dr James Dobson
106 How to Grow a High Impact Church Chip Ingram
107 Victory Over Darkness Neil T Anderson
108 Five Lies that Ruin Relationships Chip Ingram
109 Answers… Ken Ham
110 Cinderella Syndrome Lee Ezell
111 Overcoming Depression Neil T Anderson
112 Razor Edge Richard Williamson
113 Captive Faith Soviet Prison camp
114 Surviving Financial Meltdown Ron Blue & Jeremy white
115 Experiencing Spiritual Breakthrus Dr Bruce Wilkinson
116 Personal Holiness In times of Temptation Dr Bruce Wilkinson
117 A life God rewards Dr Bruce Wilkinson
118 The Vision of the Leader Dr Bruce Wilkinson
119 Walk thru the Pentateuch Dr Bruce Wilkinson
120 Master your money Ron Blue
121 The testing of your faith Dr Bruce Wilkinson
122 The 7 laws of the Learner Dr Bruce Wilkinson
123 Foundations of Faith Dr Bruce Wilkinson
124 Becoming unshakeable in times of shaking Joseph Prince
125 Taking care of Business Andy Stanley
126 The Righteousness of God Joseph Prince
127 The Secret to the Abundant lilfe Joseph Prince
128 A Biblical Portrait of Marriage Part 1 & 2 Dr Bruce Wilkinson
129 Heart that makes a home Dr Bruce Wilkinson
130 Leading and loving Dr Bruce Wilkinson
131 Secrets of the Vine Dr Bruce Wilkinson
132 Discovering God’s Will Andy Stanley
133 Boundaries Dr H Cloud & Townsend
134 iMarriage Andy Stanley
135 If u want 2 Walk on Water, get out of the Boat John Ortberg
136 The Alpha Course Nicky Gumbel
137 Raise up a Child Phil Tuttle
138 Effective Parenting in a Defective world Chip Ingram
139 7 Stages of Spiritual Growth Part 1 & 2 Dr Bruce Wilkinson
140 Witchcraft Repackaged Harry Potter
141 Experiencing the Fathers embrace Jack Frost
142 Christ is the centre of happy marriages Joseph Prince
143 God’s Protection Plan: the 4 horeseman Joseph Prince
144 Mighty Men’s Conference 2010 Angus Buchan
145 The Bait Of Satan John Bevere
146 Breaking Intimidation John Bevere
147 Seeking Him Nancy Leigh DeMoss
148 The Invisible war Chip ingram
149 Life Answers in Genesis
150 The Last Adam Answers in Genesis
151 Created Cosmos Jason Lisle
152 Emotional Healing Joyce Meyer
153 And the Bride wore white Dannah Gresh
154 The Christian Life Jim Burns
155 Spiritual Gifts Jim Burns & Doug Fields
156 The Language of Sex Gary Smalley &Ted Cunningham
157 I belong to God, and He Loves me Joyce Meyer
158 No arms, no legs, no worries Nick Vujicic
159 The Case for a Creator Lee Strobel & Garry Poole
160 The Case for a Christ Lee Strobel & Garry Poole
161 Don’t Waste your life 1: One single passion John Piper
162 Don’t Waste your life 2: Risk is Right John Piper
163 Don’t Waste your life 3: Making Much of Christ John Piper
164 When the Game is over, it all goes back in the box John Ortberg
165 From Anger to Intemacy Gary Smalley &Ted Cunningham
166 Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas
167 Life on the Edge 1: Finding God’s will for your life James Dobson
168 Life on the Edge 2: The myth of safe sex James Dobson
169 Life on the Edge 3:Love must be tough James Dobson
170 Life on the Edge 4: The Keys tgo a lifelong love James Dobson
171 Life on the Edge 5:Emotions: can you trust them? James Dobson
172 Life on the Edge 6: When God doesn’t make sense James Dobson
173 Life on the Edge 7: Pornography: addictive, Progessive and Deadly James Dobson
174 Creation Science 1: The age of the Earth Kent Hovind
175 Creation Science 2: Garden of Eden Kent Hovind
176 Creation Science 3: Dinosaurs and the Bible Kent Hovind
177 Creation Science 4: Lies in the text books Kent Hovind
178 Creation Science 5: Kent Hovind
179 Creation Science 6: The Hovind theory Kent Hovind
180 Creation Science 7: Questions and Answers Kent Hovind
181 The Power of God’s Love Ed Elliott
182 Courageous Leadership Bill Hybels
183 Agreement Between Heaven and earth Michael Pitts
184 Prodigal Son Michael Pitts
185 Back From The Dead Ian McCormack
186 Your Spiritual life: Having Quiet time with God John Ortberg
187 Tattoo Louie Giglio
188 Natural Disasters David Pawson
189 Hells Best Kept Secret Kirk Cameron Ray Comfort
190 The Prayer of Jabez for Women Darlene Wilkinson
191 Facing the Giants Movie
192 The letters of Jesus to His Churches David Pawson
193 The True God, The True Gospel David Pawson
194 Normal Christian Birth David Pawson
195 The Potter uses cracked pots Joyce Meyer
196 A life worth living: Phillipians. 1-3, 5-7, 8-9 Nicky Gumbel
197 Next time I fall in Love Chap Clark
198 Transformations 1 and 2 George Otis Jr
199 The Qur’an vs The Bible Sheik Deedat
200 Life is Sacred Focus on the Family
201 Journey to the Edge of creation Moody institute of science
202 My Truth your truth whose truth Focus on the Family
203 No Apologies. The truth about life, love and sex Focus on the Family
204 Honors Reward John Bevere
205 Spirit, Soul & Body Andrew Wommack
206 The Holy Spirit Andrew Wommack
207 A Better way to pray Andrew Wommack
208 Killing Sacred Cows Andrew Wommack
209 Financial Stewardship Andrew Wommack
210 Living in the Balance of Grace & faith Andrew Wommack
211 The Gospel: The Power of God. A synopsis of Romans Andrew Wommack
212 How to fulfill Your destiny Andrew Wommack
213 Effortless Change Andrew Wommack
214 Hardness of heart Andrew Wommack
215 Knowing God Andrew Wommack
216 The war is Over Andrew Wommack
217 God’s kind of love through you Andrew Wommack
218 God’s kind of love to you Andrew Wommack
219 Don’t Limit God Andrew Wommack
220 The Believers Authority Andrew Wommack
221 God wants you well Andrew Wommack
222 Healing Journeys 1 Andrew Wommack
223 Healing Journeys 2 Andrew Wommack
224 Healing scriptures Andrew Wommack
225 Furious Love
226 Finger of God
227 Honours Reward (origional) John Bevere
228 Drawing Near John Bevere
229 Grace 1& 2 John Bevere
230 Female Homosexuality Melissa frierea
231 Male Homosexuality Joe Dallas & Jeff Johnston
232 Intimacy with the Holy Spirit John Bevere
233 The Bait Of Satan John Bevere
234 Fueled for life John Bevere
235 Propelled into power John Bevere
236 Fit for destiny John Bevere
237 Immersed John Bevere
238 Humility, the hidden power of John Bevere
239 Freedom from Sin John Bevere
240 Beautiful Lisa Bevere
241 Life without limits Lisa Bevere
242 The Way of the Warrior Rick Godwin
243 Tongues Joseph Prince
244 Walking with God John Eldridge
245 Do not lose heart Hillsongs
246 Kings & Priests Charles Nieman
247 Epic John Eldridge
248 Covenant of Salt Entezen Franklin
249 Grace Louie Giglio
250 The love secret of the high priest’s garments Joseph Prince
251 The Cross The Arthur Blessitt Story Arthur Blessitt
252 Wild at heart John Eldridge
253 Captivating John & Stasi Eldridge
254 Love and War John & Stasi Eldridge
255 I Believe in Miracles Kathryn Kuhlman
256 Heaven/Hell what happens when you die Dr. Chuck Missler
257 The Rapture Dr. Chuck Missler
258 The Feasts of Israel Dr. Chuck Missler
259 The Book of Genesis Dr. Chuck Missler
260 The Truth Project Focus on the Family
261 The Sinai Code Andy Stanley
262 The Five love languages Gary Chapman
263 I kissed Dating Goodbye  Joshua Harris
264 Genesis The Bible
265 Abraham The Bible
266 Jacob The Bible
267 Jesus of Nazareth Movie
268 Release From the Curse Derek Prince
269 One Monetary System Barry Smith
270 Hebrew vs Greek Model of Leadership Bob Mumford
271 Wisdom conference Nasir Sidikki
272 The treasure Principle Randy Alcorn
273 Heaven one minute after you die Randy Alcorn
274 The theology of money class Randy Alcorn
275 Convergence Randy Alcorn
276 Sexual Purity Randy Alcorn
277 Sanctity of human life Randy Alcorn
278 Fight Club Andy Stanley
279 Samson and Delilah The Bible
280 The book of Ruth
281 One life Joyce Meyer
282 Financial Deficiency Joyce Meyer
283 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Joyce Meyer
284 Obedience: the key to more power in your life Joyce Meyer